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Gaming - Genre Hopping
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Gaming – Genre Hopping

There’s one big reason I can’t play mmos. I’m the type of gamer that loves to play different games all the time.

I usually finish the games I start but I love to move from one game to another when I’m done. This is also why I’m not much of an online gamer cause I don’t like to stay on one game for too long, unless the game requires it (e.g. an 80-hour-long rpg). People who stay on one game for months or years are called Power gamers and that’s something I am not. If a game is really really awesome, I do end up replaying the game over and over again (I beat MGS what, like 30 times now?) but that doesn’t mean I don’t move on.

And me, I don’t have a huge preference for one kind of game over others. Sure, I’m not a big fan of figthting games or sports games but I like to play games of all kinds of genres, depending on the mood I’m in. Some days, I just feel like an action-packed fps title and when I complete that, I may like a relaxed point-and-click adventure or a novel-like game such as Hotel Dusk. Sometimes I opt more for handheld titles while other times, I want to sit on a couch and play ahardcore game on the TV screen. Casual, hardcore, retro, next-gen, 2d fighter, flight simulation, srpg, side-scrolling rhythm-based strategy game (Patapon), you name it, if it’s fun, I’ll play it.

And that’s why I genre-hop. Most of the time, I play a game and the next game I play is of a completely different genre. I mean, just these past two months, I went from Dragon Quest VIII (jrpg) to Loco Roco (nonviolent casual platformer) to ace combat x (flight simulation) to grand turismo 3 (racing) to hotel dusk (interactive novel) to haze (fps) to Crush (puzzle) to bioshock (fps with rpg elements) to folklore (jrpg). I’m all over the place, and I love it.

This is why I just can’t empathize with people going, There’s too many fps on the market right now or I’m sick of all these jrpgs! My solution is just to play games at my pace, depending on my mood. I don’t care if the market is currently releasing more of certain kinds of games; I got my own agenda, and it works. Too many fps games out today?

Thats okay, there’s still tons of rpgs to choose from if I decide to play GBA games or Ps2 games. Not enough point-and-click games? Well, not for 2008, that’s for sure, but there’s still a huge library of games to choose from depending on what console you have. I don’t limit myself to current and future releases. There’s still tons of games to choose from even if you look back just a year or so back into the past.

I know some people only really prefer certain genres so genre-hopping really wouldn’t work for them, but to that, I say sucks to be you cause i’m having fun being a gamer. 🙂

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