Q: What type of games are you developing?

A: For the most part they will be casual online games.

For the most part we will be making free to play, casual online games.  Many of them will have multiplayer capabilities.  We are not limited to any specific genre of game.

Q: How do you decide which user suggested features make it into games and which do not?

A: There’s no single answer to that.

In a lot of cases the decisions will be based on the popularity of the idea.  If one person requests feature ABC, and 100 people request feature XYZ, we’re probably going to implement XYZ.    But you never know, if feature ABC is a fantastic idea and we really like it, we might just put it in the game too.  If we’re stuck between several good suggestions for a certain feature, we may run polls and have users vote.  There will be many other deciding factors though, so there is no definitive answer to this question.  We are trying to appeal to as many players as possible, and give them what they want.

Q: Are you offering anything in return for major contributions to the game?

A: Another question without a simple answer (see below.)

For the most part, anything users offer up on this site, they lose any legal right to, per our “Terms of Service”.  If you don’t want us to use it, don’t post it here.  That being said, if a member made a significant contribution to the game that we felt deserved recognition, we would, at the very least, mention them in the credits.  We may also at certain times run contests and give away cash prizes.  Contests may be for things like coming up with a new name for a game, or naming a main character.  Specific details about contests would be provided when we announce them.

Q: This really doesn’t look like a game, what’s the deal?

A: It’s probably early in the development cycle and not yet a full blown game.

When development on a game first begins it won’t look like much of a game.  We make available very early test versions of the game.  The first release might just be a box bouncing around the screen as we test some physics code or something.  We will do our best to keep up to date details about the progress of a particular game, either in the forums or the blog.  That way you know at any given time what the game “should” be doing.  Part of the fun is seeing the game when it’s almost nothing, and watching the community help shape it’s development over time, until it’s a finished game.

Q: How long will development of each game last?

A: It depends on the game.

This will vary widely depending on the game.  Some games may only take a few weeks and others may take several months.  It really depends on the type of game and how complicated it is to develop.  How much code needs written, the amount of art, etc.  It will also depend on the feedback from the community.  We may end up implementing 15 more features in a game that we hadn’t originally planned on, if that’s what people want.

Q: What are you using to develop the games?

A: Mostly Flash and ActionScript.

We are developing all of our games in Flash at the moment, using ActionScript.  For multiplayer games, we may be using additional programming languages for server side code.  Currently we’re implementing Nonoba’s APIs which require .NET programming languages for the server code, we’re using C#.

Q: Will the games have additional items for sale in game?

A: Yes.

We will have in game items for sale in many of our games.  However we strive to keep the games just as playable to non-paying players.

Q: Will the games have in game ads?

A: Some of them.

If a game does have ads, they will most likely just be the pre-game ads that display while the game is loading.  We currently use MochiAds.  We can’t say for certain on future games though.