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Bulletstorm for Xbox 360 Quick Review

Where can you find a game that rewards you for the most creative way to destroy your enemies possible such as kicking your enemy into the air while shooting them up their rear into oblivion (Rear Entry skillshot)? The answer: Bulletstorm, a fast pace FPS (First Person Shooter) with almost limitless ways to brutally take apart your enemies skillfully.

I have played a lot of FPS games in my day and Bulletstorm really stands out for being unique. It’s not your normal aim then shoot type of FPS, it’s a leash, kick, then insert your killing wish here, then try something different for the next kill. This keeps the game fresh and always leaving you wanting more. Many times I sat there thinking to myself “come on, I can do a better kill then that” as I anticipate the next unlucky one to feel my wrath.

Bulletstorm takes place around the 26th century and you play as a former Dead Echo (much like the black-ops) named Grayson Hunt which leads a small group of former Dead Echo buddies that have all been dishonorably discharged for betraying their commander, General Sarrano. I won’t give away to much of the story but Grayson ends up drunk, attacks General Sarrano’s massive battleship which causing them both to crash land onto a very hostile planet known as Stygia.

Stygia was once a resort planet that is now full of crazed killers, mutants, man-eating planets and much more. It’s only you; your best friend Ishi Sato now turned cyborg (which was your fault and he’s not happy about it) and your guns against this planet. On the way you will find a little extra help from a female named Trishka Novak which is not the type of girl you bring home to your parents. Your goal is to reach General Sarrano which you find out survived the crash but you need him alive or your friend Ishi will have some not so kind words with you.

The gameplay as I said earlier is fast and having so many ways to kill makes it fresh and never non-repetitive. The graphics are great and the game uses the famous Unreal engine. Voice acting is top notch and there are some great lines that will get you laughing. As you play through the game you start to learn more and more about everyone’s past and the how and why Stygia is now a violent ruin.

I really don’t want to go into to much detail of the game and leave a lot for you to find out for yourself. There are a lot of things to do while in Stygia, lots of people to kill and things to watch out for. So feel free to explore your darkest desires in brutally and the free drinks (yes, there are free drinks on Stygia), also the news really sucks on Stygia so be sure to take care of it. There are a ton of things to unlock and ways to kill to keep you busy. So, do you have the skill?

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