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5 Gaming Genres Considered the Most Hardcore Amongst Gamers

In the old days games were just called games, but with the introduction of mobile and motion controlled gaming systems games are usually split between two different categories: hardcore and casual games – and following are the top 5 video game genres considered the hardest of the hardcore.
First-person Shooters

First-person shooter games (FPS) like Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and more are considered amongst some of most skilled and hardcore games and collectively the FPS genre is considered one of the most hardcore gaming genres out. First-person shooter games require great hand and eye coordination, familiarity with in-game objects (weapons, maps, configuration, etc.), and have to be pretty darn good just to keep up with the competition and is definitely not a gaming genre for those that just want to pick up a game and be good fairly


Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPGs) may very well be the most hardcore game genre in existence due to their time-consuming nature, addictive quality, and the amount of in-game knowledge required to play MMORPGs properly – requirements not needed for casual games.

Role-play Games

Much like MMORPGs, role-playing games (RPGs) let gamers take on an in-game persona, can be very time consuming, and will require more in-game knowledge than may be required in more casual gaming genres. Popular role-playing games like Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy are open ended and although they don’t have an online community – like MMORPGs – RPGs can be played more than one way and are usually played through their entirety more than once.

Fighting Games

At first glimpse, the Fighting video game genre might seem like a casual gaming genre – after all, just about anyone can pick up a controller, press random buttons, and get a few KOs – but fighting games possess enough complexity that they can be mastered and the Fighting game genre is most definitely a hardcore game type – with a very thick line between beginners and pros.

Sports Games

The Sports gaming genre – not to be confused with Mini-game and Party-game Sports genres – is a very hardcore gaming genre for more than one reason; they require lots of in-game knowledge requires that the gamers understand the sport being played. Sports games provide an infinite amount of gameplay, lots of different teams, and have unlimited sets of possible circumstances and outcomes – making them a very hardcore gaming genre.

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